Thirsty Camel Card


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If you’ve already got a Thirsty Camel Card, use it frequently, and know about the terrific savings you can make with it, then you probably don’t need to read on.

But, for everyone else, consider this!  Register for a Thirsty Camel Card in our Loxton Hotel Drive-Thru Bottleshop then, every time you buy ANY product, we’ll credit your account to the tune of 1% of the total value of your purchase.  This applies to every purchase, including our fantastic Thirsty Camel specials.

Then, after a little while, you’ll be holding several dollars in your account which you can then redeem off other purchases.

In addition, watch for Thirsty Camel Card bonus icons which appear next to advertised Thirsty Camel Specials.  When you see these it means that, in addition to your 1%, you’ll receive an additional credit to your account to the value of the icon.  

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